2020-2021 Catalog

Cancelled Degree or Certificate Programs

Degree/certificate programs may be discontinued, cancelled (closed) for a variety of reasons. Active students enrolled in closed programs will be given the opportunity to complete the original program requirements for a specific period of time after the date of the program closure. During this period of time the program is in teach-out mode.

Degree/Certificate Type Category Length of Teach-out
Undergraduate Certificates All 2 years
Associate Degrees All 3 years
Bachelor Degrees All 4 years
Graduate Certificates All 2 years
Graduate Degrees 60 credits or less 3 years
Graduate Degrees 60 credits and greater 4 years
Doctoral Degrees All 6 years

All eligible students will be notified in writing of the teach-out status of the program, and will receive an updated copy of their original program plan and course teach-out schedule. Students may remain in the teach-out program as long as they continue in active enrollment - that is, as long as they do not stop out for more than two consecutive terms.

Students enrolled in a cancelled program, who stop out for more than two consecutive terms, will be required to apply to a new program of study. The University will make every effort to transfer as many earned credits as possible to the new program of study.

An exception is made for returning students who have no more than two (2) courses remaining to earn the original degree. These students are allowed to complete their original program, however the University reserves the right to substitute courses to help the student finish.

(Policy #2200.08)