2020-2021 Catalog

Definition of Certificate, Certificate Program and Certification

A City University of Seattle certificate program is a course of study in a specified subject, with fewer core credit requirements than a degree program in the same subject, and without the general education or elective requirements of a degree program.

Completion of the certificate program results in the issuance of an academic certificate, not a diploma. Certificate programs may be offered at either the undergraduate or graduate level, and vary in the number of credits required for completion. At least 75 percent of the credits in a certificate program must be completed in residence.

Examples of certificate programs at City University of Seattle:

• Undergraduate Certificate in Project Management

• Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Completion of a CityU certificate program is different from achieving professional certification in a field or area of expertise. Some CityU academic programs (both degree and certificate programs) do prepare students for certification in their profession. However, completing a CityU academic program does not by itself guarantee professional certification, and the academic record (transcript) of a student does not reflect achievement of professional certification. Professional certification requirements and achievement are determined by organizations external to CityU.

(Policy #3500.19)