2020-2021 Catalog

Technology Contingency Plan

Students are expected to have a technology contingency plan should an unforeseen event render their primary equipment and/or files inaccessible (computer failure or loss, software failure, etc.). Such events are not an excuse for absence or late work, unless approved by the student’s instructor. Students should identify backup equipment that meets the minimum requirements for their courses, such as a CityU computer lab, a local library lab, or a relative’s equipment.

Students are responsible for file backup of all work and any course content they wish to save after a course is removed from Blackboard (45 days after the end date of the course). Backup consists of copying or archiving files and folders in one or more additional locations for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. Files saved to a computer’s hard drive are not backed up. Cloud storage or an external hard drive/jump drive are methods for file backup.

City University provides a variety of Cloud storage resources while a student is actively enrolled in a course and for four terms following their last term of enrollment. Please visit the library webpage for a complete list of cloud storage resources. CityU is not responsible for file backups after a student’s CityU account has been deactivated (four terms after active enrollment). Student may use other publicly available backup solutions. Students are advised to review the user guidelines for any backup tool they choose to use.