2020-2021 Catalog

BSC 407 The Effective Organization

Organizational effectiveness is a function of leadership, decision-making, individual talent/people, processes and organizational culture. This course will assist students in developing their own skills and the ability to identify and manage these structures in their work environment. At the end of this course, students will understand: their own leadership style and how to modify leadership practices for cultural fit; understand the process for making and implementing decisions; working in teams as both a peer and a leader; how to motivate others; and how to design processes and procedures that align with the organization's culture.

Revision for Fall 20/21 term - starting 10/1/20 - new course description:

An organization’s performance is derived from fundamental elements, such as tasks, human resources, structure, systems, culture, behavior, and informal networks. The more congruence there is among these organizational elements, and the more aligned they are with the external environmental realities and the strategy of the firm, then the more effective the organization will be in the marketplace. Misalignments among internal and external components indicate a need for change and relevant interventions. This class is designed to cultivate students’ understanding of organizational effectiveness by equipping them with knowledge areas and skills that help to assess, analyze, and increase the degree of congruence between a company’s internal and external components. Students will learn about a wide range of organizational development methods, tools, and techniques that professionals utilize to improve a company’s effectiveness.