2020-2021 Catalog

Policy on Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

City University of Seattle is an educational community bound by common standards of conduct. The University recognizes that in order to fulfill its mission it must provide an educational environment that is free from discriminatory practices.The University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in any education program or activity, including admissions and employment. City University of Seattle considers sexual harassment in all its forms to be a serious offense including but not limited to: unfair treatment based on sex, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and sexual violence by students, employees,or third parties.


In compliance with Title IX, the University provides (a) a statement of expectations for behavior with regard to University standards; (b) resources aimed at reducing the risk of sexual harassment including educational programs for staff, faculty and students; (c) procedural interventions to offer support and information following a report of sexual harassment ;and (d) student conduct and employee disciplinary procedures that address the needs of the complaintant and protect the rights of the respondent.


City University of Seattle does not tolerate behavior that would constitute harassment whether by an employee in the workplace, regardless of the employee’s title, or by a student on University grounds. City University of Seattle urges all employees and students who feel that they may have been the object of sexual harassment while engaged in activities at City University of Seattle to report the occurrence to the Title IX Coordinator at TitleIXCoordinator@CityU.edu or All such matters will be treated confidentially. To ensure the safety of the University community, which includes all staff, faculty, students, interns, volunteers, University-affiliated board members and visitors, offenders of this policy may be subject to appropriate campus adjudication processes through the appropriate City University of Seattle policy and procedures found on the my.cityu.edu portal. All reported instances of sexual harassment will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary, criminal, and/or legal action will be taken. No one need fear retaliation for bringing the University’s attention to information of this nature. Additionally, anyone who is found to have threatened or intimidated an employee or student to suppress this kind of information will receive disciplinary action.


(Policy #2300.12)