2019-2020 Catalog

Industrial Arts and Applied Design Instruction, Graduate Certificate

This program is intended to provide current British Columbia teachers with the knowledge and skills required to teach Industrial Arts, with an Applied Design focus, in B.C. schools. The program is based in fundamental principles of applied design outlined in the new B.C. Curriculum Plan. Applicants will learn curricular and pedagogical skills applicable to the teaching of Industrial Arts in B.C. schools. The pedagogical model in this program is one in which candidates will learn these curricular and pedagogical skills in the contexts of both the classroom and an actual Industrial Arts shop, where effective teaching skills and strategies are learned experientially. Safety is an additional primary focus throughout the program; instruction and practices adhere to BC WorkSafe principles and practices. Applicants who complete this program will have the knowledge, skills, and certification necessary to teach Industrial Arts in B.C. K-12 schools.

Total Required Credits (26 Credits)

Required Courses

ECC 509Preparation for Professional Growth


ECC 510Technology Tools and Information Literacy


EEA 534Technologies for Learning


TCI 550Skills and Pedagogy in Industrial Arts and Applied Design


EEA 532Instructional Leadership: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


ECC 515Leadership and Counselling Diverse Cultures in Education


ECC 511Research Methods in Education


TCI 650Applied Project in Industrial Arts and Applied Design


*Program for BC, Canada Providence only.