2019-2020 Catalog

Master in Teaching (MIT)

The Master in Teaching program prepares teacher candidates who make a positive impact on student learning based on student needs in relation to state learning standards. Candidates continuously improve their performance by refining their skills as reflective practitioners through course work and field experiences; by working collaboratively with colleagues, families, and community resources; and by engaging in career-long professional development. Additionally, this professional graduate degree program develops candidates’ competence in interpreting, organizing, and communicating knowledge and in developing the analytical and performance skills needed for the conduct and advancement of professional practice. To these ends, candidates research and implement best practices throughout the program, culminating in design and implementation of action research. Graduates earn a Master in Teaching degree, initial teacher certification, endorsement in Elementary Education (K-8) or Special Education (P-12), and may opt to complete a second endorsement in Elementary Education (K-8), Special Education P-12), English Language Learners (P-12), or Reading (P-12).

The Master in Teaching will prepare students to:

  • Develop and apply components of effective teaching ensuring a positive impact on student learning.
  • Examine best practices in assessment to continually monitor and improve instruction.
  • Create a learning environment that enables students to engage in learning individually and collaboratively.
  • Collaborate with, and advocate for, students, families, and community.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the ethical and professional dimensions of teaching.