2019-2020 Catalog

Final Course Grade of 0.0

Whenever the instructor of record (IOR) issues a grade of 0.0 to a student for poor academic performance, it must be supported by a notation of the last date of contact with the student. For courses taught in any format, a grade of 0.0 is also assigned by the IOR when a student stops attending class without notifying any university representative of the intention to drop the course. If the student has attended more than 30 percent of the course (three weeks in a 10-week course) before vanishing, the 0.0 grade is posted. However, if the student has attended 30 percent or less of the course before vanishing, a UW is assigned by the Registrar.

Once a student misses two (2) consecutive classes without explanation, the school attempts to reach the student to determine if s/he intends to drop the course.