2019-2020 Catalog

I (Incomplete) and Granting of Extension

An instructor may assign an I grade for an incomplete grade if a student is making satisfactory progress and has documented extenuating circumstances that necessitate additional time to complete the course. Satisfactory progress is defined as the student having completed at least 50 percent of course requirements, or having approval of the dean or designee. One extension of 30 days from the course end date may be granted, with dean approval.

Default Grade for an I Grade

The default grade for an “I” grade is 0.0. If the Registrar’s Office has received no grade change by the end of the extension, 0.0 becomes the grade for the course. At the instructor’s discretion, a 0.0 default grade may be changed.

Denial of an I Grade

The request for an I grade will be denied if:

  • The student has not made satisfactory progress by the time the grade is due.
  • The request for the I was not documented in writing prior to the deadline for grade submission.
  • The student is unable to demonstrate extenuating circumstances. In that case, the grade will be based on the amount of coursework completed. The student may also petition the Registrar for withdrawal from the course, if a final grade has not yet been assigned.

Restrictions of an I Grade

Once an I grade has been assigned, a UW (Unofficial Withdrawal) may not be posted. If no further grade change is submitted, the I will default to a 0.0.