2019-2020 Catalog

UW (Unofficial Withdrawal)

A UW is assigned to a course by the Registrar when a student has ceased attending class without notifying any representative of the university (e.g., the instructor, the advisor or the office of the Registrar) of his or her intention to withdraw and has attended no more than 30 percent of the course. The status of UW is not included in the calculation of the grade point average, but it remains on the student’s transcript permanently.

In any program, a student without a cumulative GPA (such as a new student) who receives UW’s for all courses in a term is placed on probation. If the pattern is repeated for a second consecutive term, the student is again placed on probation. A third consecutive term of UW’s results in a suspension, which blocks the individual from further enrollment.

Additionally, if a student receives a UW in any course in three consecutive terms, even though other courses were completed during those terms, the student is placed on probation after the third term, regardless of cumulative GPA.