2019-2020 Catalog

Adult Education and Instructional Design, Master of Education

The Master of Education in Adult Education and Instructional Design (MAEID) prepares students to become leaders in the design, development, and integration of technology and online learning in to both academic and private sectors. The program emphasizes the instructional design development and design process, adult learning theory, gamification, media, and technology. The program connects theory to practice preparing learning professionals (educators, consultants, corporate trainers, program designers, and managers) to design learning experiences that promote creativity and active learning in class and online. The program allows students to apply course content to create applied projects and practice their skills through instructor and peer feedback. To this end, students are encouraged to promote global connections, ethical responsibility, and multicultural understanding.

The Master of Education in Adult Education and Instructional Design will prepare graduates to:

  • Apply ethics to diverse organizational culture and values. 
  • Assess the alignment of course learning outcomes to program and organizational outcomes.
  • Demonstrate an instructional design mindset.
  • Design programs serving adult learners.
  • Evaluate instruction and design for a diverse multicultural environment.
  • Integrate educational research and applied educational practice.

Total Required Credits (36 Credits)

Capstone (6 Credits)

EAD 611Capstone: Adult Education and Instructional Design


Core (30 Credits)

EAD 505Adult Learning Theory


EAD 507Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners


EAD 527Program Design, Assessment and Evaluation


EAD 529Curriculum Development and Instructional Design


EAD 524Instructional Design Technology