2019-2020 Catalog

Post-Graduate Professional Credentials - Washington State

Since requirements vary and are subject to change, City University of Seattle cannot guarantee eligibility for post-graduate credentials administered by state authorities, including licensure, certification, and registration. Professional credentials have requirements in addition to completing a specific degree or set of courses, and City University of Seattle cannot guarantee the receipt of such credentials even if a graduate meets the educational requirements of a given jurisdiction.

The Master of Arts in Counseling program complies with current WAC 246.809-810 requirements and prepares students to meet Washington State guidelines for licensure as Mental Health Counselors or Marriage and Family Therapists. If the WAC changes during enrollment in the program, the program requirements may also change so that students will be able to meet certification requirements. Upon graduation from the program, candidates are eligible to complete the remaining post-graduate requirements for Washington State certification (i.e.: supervision, clinical experience, and written examination). You are advised to keep a copy of the WAC and RCW 18.225.

To request a copy for Marriage and Family or Mental Health Counseling licensure requirements, call 360.236.4916 or write:

Department of Health

Counselor Programs, P.O. Box 1099

Olympia, WA 98504-1099