2019-2020 Catalog

Admission Requirements Specific to Undergraduate Programs in the School of Management (SOM)

Additional Admission Requirements for the School of Management Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Arts in Management - Performance-based Teaching Mode only

Because this mode of teaching requires students to be self-paced within specific time parameters it is important to make sure this teaching style works for students entering this program.  The following additional program admission requirements must be met:

  1. Applicants must submit a detailed professional resume.

       2. Applicants must submit a personally written essay to describe his/her experience and readiness to undertake the program of study.  This essay should include the following:

                a.  Statement about self-direction and time management skills (accustomed to working with little to no guidance, comfortable structuring and following self-imposed deadlines, etc.).

                b.  Description of how the student plans to find the time for this academic effort (15-20 credits in a given quarter). How will the student make sure this fits with work and family life?



Undergraduate Certificates

No additional requirements are needed beyond the general admission requirements to the University.

Upon completion of a CityU undergraduate certificate program, the credits earned may be applied to appropriate bachelor’s degree programs if all other admission requirements have been met.