2019-2020 Catalog

Management - Performance Based, Bachelor of Arts

Identical to the BA in Management in terms of program outcomes, the performance-based mode of delivery allows students to move directly to the completion of assignments. Best suited to independent students with some work experience already obtained, these classes are self-paced and self-directed. You can tackle immediately those things you already know, while reserving time for those things you need to learn more about. This format allows you to speed up, or slow down your course completion based on the other demands in your life. Talk to an advisor to learn if this format might be right for you. Courses are offered only online in this format.

Total Required Credits (180 Credits)

Lower-Division Requirements (90 Credits)

*** This program requires MATH 107 (Mathematical Reasoning and its Applications) or higher.

Upper Division Requirements (90 Credits)

Management Core (50 Credits)

BAM 400Organizational Communications (HU)


BAM 405Organizational Leadership (SS)


BAM 410Business Operations


BAM 495Strategic Business Management Degree Capstone


Upper-Division Electives (40 Credits)

Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level elective coursework from other fields or disciplines including business, psychology, communications, information systems, and general education. Contact an admissions advisor for the current list of available courses. The following electives are available in the performance-based format in 20 credit blocks. Students are free, however, to choose electives in any format offered at CityU.

BAM 450Human Resource Management


BAM 455Project and Change Management


BAM 465Manufacturing Operations


BAM 470Training and Organizational Development



Specialized Study Courses (40 Credits)

Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level specialized study coursework. These courses must be approved by the Program Director.