2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

Course Delivery Formats

City University of Seattle offers programs of study organized into two main delivery formats to allow optimal access and flexibility for students. These are:

  • In-class (Meets 51% or more of the time face-to face)
  • Distance Courses (Meets less than 51% of the time face-to-face)

The delivery formats described in this procedure are in alignment with City University of Seattle’s Academic Model, are capable of providing quality learning experiences, and provide consistency in students’ educational experiences. Each academic program selects the most appropriate delivery format(s), based on student need, and programs may be offered in all delivery formats. Students can elect to register for a variety of delivery formats offered by a program.

Over the length of a course, faculty and students in all delivery modes are expected to spend an average of 1 hour per credit actively participating together in a combination of in-class or online instructional activities, with students spending approximately 2 additional hours per credit hour each week on out-of-class learning activities.

(Policy #3500.17)