2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

MG 491 Enactus

This course prepares students for the City University of Seattle Enactus team global competition.Enactus is a global, non-profit education organization providing students with opportunities to apply business concepts to develop community outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people at risk or in need. Enactus teams’ projects address topics established by Enactus. Enactus students form project and marketing teams working within the framework of these topics while adapting their approach to the diverse needs of people in different communities. Students have a hands-on opportunity to integrate and utilize theories, concepts, and skills in Enactus projects that are global in scope and purpose. Participation in Enactus enables students to hone business, management, and leadership skills, as well as foster a sense of service and responsibility to the community and world around them.


5 to 10


At least one quarter of regular participation in Enactus including at least 8 meetings. Student must be approved by the department.