2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

PSY 415 Psychology of Adolescents (SS)

This course discusses the issues of adolescent biological and psychosocial development, relationship, and culture in a social context. It addresses topics such as physical and intellectual growth, sexual maturation, youth culture and values, substance abuse, eating disorders, juvenile delinquency, and suicide.




  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Describe the relationships between physical development and social influences on the cognitive and moral development of adolescents.
  3. Assess the educational and vocational choices of adolescents.
  4. Analyze the emotional and sexual development of adolescents.
  5. Assess the relationship between heredity and environment in adolescents’ development.
  6. Trace the physical and social development of adolescents.
  7. Evaluate the ability of various social and psychological theories to explain development of adolescents.