2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

PSY 417 Loss and Grief (SS)

In this course, grief and loss experiences will be explored. This will include losses that include: death; the loss of significant relationships; moving from one community to another; loss of family members due to divorce/separation; and normal developmental stage losses. Normal and complicated grief reactions will be explored, as will cultural and spiritual influences. Examining community support and self-care will also be explored.




  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Analyze the impact of differences in cultural background, religious affiliation, social setting, gender, age, and family dynamics on the grieving process.
  3. Analyze the different types of loss experiences that might generate grief reactions.
  4. Distinguish between normal and complicated grief responses.
  5. Identify the different types of losses and grief experiences that one might experience across the normal lifespan.
  6. Examine what organizations and communities go through with regard to loss and grief.
  7. Examine both social and psychological impacts of grief and loss.
  8. Explore the impact of violence, war and international issues with regard to loss and grief.