2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

Grading System

CityU uses a decimal grading system for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses.

  • Undergraduate: Passing grades fall within a range from 4.0 (high) to 0.7 (low). Failing grades are 0.6 and below.
  • Graduate:  Passing grades fall within a range from 4.0 (high) to 2.0 (low). Failing grades are 1.9 and below.
  • Doctoral: Passing grades fall within a range, from 4.0 (high) to 2.5 (low). Failing grades are 2.4 and below.

Failing grades are recorded on the transcript.  No credit is earned for courses in which failing grades are posted.  Once a grade has been posted, it may be changed upward but not downward unless the original posting was due to a clerical or technological error.

Credits that carry the letter grades or status indicators of NP, UW, V, W, X and decimal grades lower than 0.7 (undergraduate), 2.0 (graduate) and 2.5 (Doctoral), are not counted toward the minimum credits required for graduation.

The grading system officially includes the following alphabetical grades and status indicators as defined below:

I (Incomplete) and Granting of Extension

An instructor may assign an I grade for an incomplete grade if a student is making satisfactory progress and has reported extenuating circumstances to the instructor that necessitate additional time to complete the course. Satisfactory progress is defined as the student having completed at least 50 percent of course requirements, or having approval of the school dean.   I grades allow the student an extension of 30 days after the due date for the final assignment.  Decimal grades that replace the I grade are due from the instructors within five days after the student extension..One additional extension may be granted by the school dean.

  • Default Grade for I: The default grade for an I grade is 0.0 or NP, depending on the grading basis for the class. If the Registrar's Office has not received a final grade from the instructor by the date the final grade is due (see definition above), a 0.0 or NP will be posted as the final grade.
  • Denial of an I Grade Request: The request for an I grade by an instructor will be denied if:
    •  The student has not made satisfactory progress, as noted above, by the time the final grade is due.
    • The request for the I grade was not documented in writing, and recorded in the Registrar’s Office prior to the deadline for final grade submission.
    • The student is unable to demonstrate extenuating circumstances. In that case, the grade will be based on the amount of coursework completed.  The student may also petition the Registrar for withdrawal from the course, if a final grade has not yet been assigned.
  • Restrictions of an I Grade: Once an I grade has been assigned, a UW may not be posted. If no further grade change is submitted, the I grade will default to a 0.0 or NP grade.

M – (Missing Grade)

The registrar may assign an M grade as a temporary status indicator for a course or student for which faculty have not submitted a final grade by the end of the term of initial enrollment.

MM – (Missing Grade partner)

The registrar may assign an MM grade as a temporary status indicator for students in a course when the end date of the course extends past the end date of the term of initial enrollment.

N - (English Language Program)

The registrar may assign an N grade as a temporary status indicator for a student who has not completed an ELP level. The grade remains in effect for up to 1.5 years (6 terms) while a student works toward completing ELP levels.

P/NP - (Pass/No Pass)

Undergraduate students may elect to enroll in up to three (3) courses, for a total of 15 credits, under the P/NP option. The P/NP option must be declared at the time of registration and may not be requested after the term has begun.

  • Undergraduate P/NP: To receive a P grade at the undergraduate level a student must have achieved a minimum grade of 2.0 in the course.  Grades of 1.9 and below will receive an NP grade. Neither the P nor NP grade affects the quarterly or cumulative GPA, but the credits earned with a P grade count toward total credit requirements for the program.
  • Graduate and Doctoral P/NP: Students in graduate and doctoral programs may not elect to enroll under the P/NP grade option. In graduate and doctoral courses that are designated as P/NP on the program plan, the student must achieve at least a 3.0 in the course to earn a P grade.

R – (Doctoral Dissertation Extension)

An instructor may assign an R grade as a temporary status indicator in a doctoral program dissertation. The R grade is used until a final grade can be assigned for a restricted list of courses that are designed to allow students to extend their work beyond one term. The R grade defaults to a 0.0 or NP if the final grade is not posted within four terms (one year). The use of the R grade for multiple courses may result in non-completion of the student’s degree within the maximum time allowed, resulting in removal from the program.

UW - (Unofficial Withdrawal) 

The registrar may assign a UW grade when a student has ceased attending class without notifying any representative of the university (e.g., the advisor, instructor, or the Registrar’s Office) of their intention to withdraw and has attended no more than 30% of the course.  The status of UW grade is not included in the calculation of the quarterly or cumulative grade point average, but it remains permanently on the student’s official transcript.

  • Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension for UW Grades: In any program, a student without a cumulative GPA (such as a new student) who receives UW grades for all courses in a term is placed on academic warning.  If the pattern is repeated for a second consecutive term, the student is placed on probation.  A third consecutive term of UW grades will result in a suspension, which blocks the individual from further enrollment, even though other courses were completed during those terms, and regardless of the cumulative GPA.

W - (Withdrawal)

The registrar assigns a W grade when a student officially withdraws from a course.  A student may withdraw for any reason without academic penalty, provided written or electronic notice is received by that individual’s student advisor or the Registrar’s Office prior to the 80% completion point of the course. When a request for a withdrawal is received by the Registrar’s Office, it is reviewed for compliance with federal financial aid regulations before a W grade is assigned for the course.

X - (Audit)

The option of auditing undergraduate and graduate courses is available to degree candidates and others who want to acquire knowledge or skills but do not want to undertake written assignments and examinations or receive credit for the course. Students must check the Audit category at the time of registration.  Auditors receive an X grade for the course on their official transcript. The regular tuition plus any applicable registration or other fee is charged for audited courses.

Y - (Course Extension)

Certain courses are designed to extend beyond one term, or in rare instances are permitted to do so.  In such cases a Y grade is posted for each term in which the course is ongoing.  The Y grade defaults to 0.0 or NP, however, if the final grade is not posted within four terms (one year) .

Final Course Grade of 0.0

Whenever instructors issue a 0.0 grade to a student for poor academic performance, it must be supported by a notation of the last date of contact with the student.  For courses taught in any delivery mode, a 0.0 grade is also assigned by the instructor when a student stops attending class without notifying any university representative of the intention to drop the course.  If the student has attended more than 30% of the course (three weeks in a 10-week course, or 30% of the total point value for the course) before vanishing, the 0.0 grade is posted.  However, if the student has attended 30% or less of the course before vanishing, a UW is assigned by the Registrar.

Transcript Requests

Official transcripts of all grades may be obtained by sending a signed, written request and fee payment to the Registrar’s Office, by ordering online through the CityU website or portal, or by using the transcript request form on the CityU web site.  For further information please see “Transcript Fee” in the finance section of the University Catalog.

Student Receipt of Grades

Students have the ability to view and print out a copy of their grades at any time by going to the CityU portal, my.cityu.edu, and accessing their account through the City University Student Center. All grades that have been posted are viewable.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The quarterly and cumulative (overall) GPA is calculated at the end of each term for all CityU courses completed by the end of the term.  A student’s GPA is based solely on decimally graded courses taken at CityU.  The GPA is determined by dividing the sum of quality points (decimal course grade multiplied by course credits) earned by the total number of CityU decimally graded credits attempted.  When a student repeats a course, only the most recent grade earned is used to calculate the cumulative GPA.

Forgiveness of Grades from a Previous Program

Upon request, the Readmissions Committee will review a student’s previous academic record to consider a recomputation of their cumulative GPA. For example, a student who returns after a significant absence and changes academic programs may find that previously taken, low-graded courses are no longer applicable to the new academic program.  In this circumstance, while the courses from the former academic program would remain on the transcript, both the grades and credits earned would be suppressed from the cumulative GPA earned for the program the student is currently enrolled in

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the school dean.

Decimal Grading Scale

Percentage Decimal Grade
100.0 - 98.75 4.0
98.74 - 97.50 3.9
97.49 - 96.25 3.8
96.24 - 95.00 3.7
94.99 - 93.75 3.6
93.74 - 92.50 3.5
92.49 - 91.25 3.4
91.24 - 90.00 3.3
89.99 - 88.75 3.2
88.74 - 87.50 3.1
87.49 - 86.25 3.0
86.24 - 85.00 2.9
84.99 - 83.75 2.8
83.74 - 82.50 2.7
82.49 - 81.25 2.6
81.24 - 80.00 2.5 Minimum passing grade - Doctoral level
79.99 - 78.75 2.4 Failing grade Doctoral
78.74 - 77.50 2.3
77.49 - 76.25 2.2
76.24 - 75.00 2.1
74.99 - 73.75 2.0 Minimum passing grade - graduate level
73.74 - 72.50 1.9 Failing grade - graduate
72.49 - 71.25 1.8
71.24 - 70.00 1.7
69.99 - 68.75 1.6
68.74 - 67.50 1.5
67.49 - 66.25 1.4
66.24 - 65.00 1.3
64.99 - 63.75 1.2
63.74 - 62.50 1.1
62.49 - 61.25 1.0
61.24 - 60.00 0.9
59.99 - 58.75 0.8
58.74 - 57.50 0.7 Minimum passing grade - undergraduate level
57.49 - 56.25 0.6 Failing grade - undergraduate level
56.24 - 55.00 0.5
54.99 - 53.75 0.4
53.74 - 52.50 0.3
52.49 - 51.25 0.2
51.24 - 50.00 0.1
49.99 - 0.00 0.0

* Grade scales are unique to each university. 

** If your funder requires submission of a letter grade equivalent, contact your advisor to request this information.

(Policy #3500.07)