2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

Curriculum and Instruction, Master of Education - Alternative Routes

The Alternative Routes – Master of Education Program (Alt Routes M.Ed.) combines City University of Seattle’s renowned one-year certificate-only program with our M.Ed. program, allowing candidates to receive credit towards a master’s degree while completing the certificate program. Candidates may be able to work for some time in their current school assignment during their Alt Routes field experiences with district permission. To complete the master’s degree, candidates must complete an additional 15 M.Ed. credits (4 courses).

Endorsement options available with this plan of study include:

  • Special Education + either Elementary Education or Mathematics
  • English Language Learner + either Elementary Education or Mathematics
  • Middle Level Mathematics
  • Mathematics (Grades 5-12)

Program Outcomes

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction will prepare students to:

Interpret educational theories and scholarship to inform best practices in education and create engaging learning environments supporting the diverse needs of students.

Utilize quantitative reasoning skills to analyze data to inform instruction and assessment that support evidence-based decisions in diverse settings.

Demonstrate a commitment to the ethical and professional dimensions of teaching through culturally responsive practices.

Integrate personal and professional development to navigate the complexities within educational settings.

Interpret and apply critical thinking pedagogy through reflective practice.

Admission Requirements

In addition to CityU's Admission Requirements for Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs, applicants to one of the Alternative Route programs must meet the following admission criteria.

  • Completion of a bachelor degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Complete an interview with program faculty
  • Submit a resume
  • Submit three professional reference letters
  • Complete each section of the Washington Educators Skills Test - Basic (WEST-B), or pass the State-approved test for Math, Reading, and Writing
  • Pass the following tests, preferably prior to admission to the program: SPED (West E 70), ELL (West E 51), Math (NES 203 or 204), and/or Elementary (NES 102 and 103). All candidates must pass these tests for certification
  • Candidates must have district authorization to participate in Alternative Routes


Alternative Route 3  and Alternative Route 4 applicants must also provide documentation of 80 hours of supervised work with children.

Total Required Credits (39)

Core Courses (12 Credits)

ECU 504Graduate Research and Methodology


ECU 506Practice of Diversity and Global Education


ECU 508School and Community Engagement


Alternative Route Specialized Study (24 Credits)

Candidates complete the courses listed below plus one of the following 4 credit specialized blocks.

ETC 697AR Field Experience I


ETC 698AR Field Experience II


ETC 696Residency III and Student Teaching


Special Education Behavior Block (4 Credits)

Special Education Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Block (4 Credits)

English Language Learner Block (4 Credits)

ESL 544Evidence-Based Instructional Practices for ELL


ESL 670Identification, Assessment, and Culturally Responsive Practices for ELL


Mathematics Block (4 Credits)

ETC 670Aligning Learning Targets and Assessments in the Mathematical Classroom


Capstone (3 Credits)

ECU 601Master of Education Capstone Project