2020-2021 Catalog Fall Update

Governing Board and Administration

The City University of Seattle Board of Trustees oversees City University of Seattle and plays an integral role in shaping the quality and character of the institution as well as steering its future course.

Trustees are recognized leaders in their communities and individually respected in the fields of business, education, the law, and the arts. The Board meets three times a year to assess University goals and the progress toward achieving them.

Board of Trustees

Stacy Allison
Richard Chisholm
Tom Clevenger
Jeanne Connelly
Michael R. Cunningham
Gerald Czarnecki
Kim Folsom
Ronne Froman
Harold Greenberg
Rebecca Henderson
Ruthan Heinrich
W. H. Knight, Jr. (Joe)
Erlinda J. Martinez
Michael McGill
Tom Page
Joanne Pastula
Dan Pittard
Hiep Quach
E. Lee Rice
Carlos Rodriguez
Thomas Topuzes


Randy C. Frisch, M.B.A., J.D.      President
Nandi Moonflower, B.A.  Executive Assistant
Christopher Bryan, C.P.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Mecham, Ed.D.  Vice President, Student Administration
Jason Elliott, M.S.  Vice President, Marketing and Enrollment
Janet O'Leary, M.A.  Director, Human Resources
Kevin Brown, B.A. Director, Information Technology


Darcy Keller, B.A.                                Director, STudent Financial Services
Karen Langer, M.Ed.                             Director, Counseling and Career Center
Teresa D'Ambrosio Director, Enrollment and Advising
Kathy Cox, Ed.D. Director, External Relationships
Sabine Saway, M.B.A.  Director, Internatoinal Studnet Office
Maika Tshimbalanga, M Director, Enrollment and Student Success, Canada
Tanya Scorah, B.A. Senior Director of Operations, Canada


Academic Affairs

Scott Carnz, Ed.D.  Provost
Antonio Esqueda Flores, M.Ed.           Assistant Provost, International Education
Steve Conway, Psy.D. Vice President & Associate Provost, Canada
Mary Mara, M.L.I.S. Dean, Academic Affairs
Scott Carnz, Ed.D.  Interim Dean, School of Business & Management
Vicki Butler, Ed.D.  Dean, School of Education & Leadership
Sam Chung, Ph.D.  Dean, School of Technology & Computing
Scott Carnz, Ed.D. Interim Dean, School of Health & Social Sciences
Matthew Lechner, M.L.I.S. Director, Library Services
Jan Luedert, Ph.D.  Director, Curriculum & Instruction
Amy Portwood, M.A. Director, Data Analytics
Yanan Xu, M.B.A.  Director, China Program
Christine Knorr, M.A.T. Academic Director, Washington Academy of Languages
Kathleen Yackey, M.A.C.P., M.Div. University Registrar


(Policy # 2100.12)