2020-2021 Catalog Winter Update

Special Admission to Master's Degree Programs

 Applicants may pursue master’s degrees without four-year baccalaureate degrees from accredited or otherwise recognized institutions in rare instances. Three-year degrees from selected countries are accepted. Other factors may influence acceptance of degrees of less than four years for admission.

If an applicant has neither a four-year nor an approved three-year degree, the school dean will determine whether the applicant may be offered “special admission.” Applicants holding professional designations may also apply for special admission. When such an application is received, it is first evaluated by the Registrar’s Office. It is then reviewed by the appropriate school dean, who makes a determination after the following criteria have been met:

  • Applicant has completed 135 or more undergraduate credits from an accredited or otherwise recognized institution and has earned at least the minimum cumulative GPA required by the program;
  • Applicant has provided three letters from references in managerial or professional positions who can attest that the applicant (a) has five years or more of relevant leadership experience; (b) has the speaking, writing, and quantitative skills to communicate, analyze, and problem-solve at the graduate level; and (c) maintains high ethical standards;
  • Applicant has submitted a written statement outlining a significant project he/she has handled, citing clearly how he/she has exhibited graduate-level skills in communication and problem-solving;
  • Applicant has had a personal interview with the dean or designee (by phone or video-conference when an in-person meeting is not practical).

If determined by the appropriate school dean to be eligible for special admission, the applicant is then provisionally admitted, with full admission pending successful completion of two required graduate courses in the degree program (i.e. earning a grade of 3.0 or higher in each course).

(Procedure #2100.01.01)