2020-2021 Catalog Winter Update

Locations and Partnerships

City University of Seattle’s headquarters and main campus is in Seattle, Washington. As such, the Office of the President; the Office of Business and Finance; the Office of Alumni Affairs; the Office of Student Financial Aid; the Office of Human Resources; the Office of Enrollment Services, including the International Student Office; the Office of Student Services, including the Washington Academy of Languages; the Office of the Registrar; and the Office of Academic Affairs are all based in Seattle. The Office of Academic Affairs includes the School of Management, the Technology Institute, the Gordon Albright School of Education, the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Applied Leadership, the Center for Curriculum and Instruction, and the Vi Tasler Library & Learning Resource Center.

City University of Seattle administrative and instructional sites have well-equipped classrooms, meeting rooms, and computer labs. Consistent with its objective of making education accessible, the University has additional administrative and instructional facilities in each of the communities it serves. A complete list of City University of Seattle’s administrative offices, and instructional and  partnership locations in North America, Europe, and Asia along with contact information is found at www.CityU.edu.

City University of Seattle Main Campus

521 Wall Street

Suite 100

Seattle, WA 98121

206.239.4500 (main)

800.426.5596 (Toll Free in North America)