2020-2021 Catalog

COUN 621 Practicum I

This is a first course of a four-part practicum sequence (COUN 621, 622, 632, 633). For the entire Practicum sequence, students complete 100 total hours and 40 direct hours of client contact at a program-approved site. A Practicum contract is signed at the beginning of the field experience by the faculty supervisor, site supervisor, and student. The faculty and site supervisor remain in contact throughout the Practicum experience. Students will meet weekly with a site supervisor for individual/triadic supervision, and weekly with the course instructor for group supervision. The student will carry professional liability insurance and abide by the ACA Code of Ethics. Students are expected to use and complete the forms included in the MAC Clinical Training Manual. Methods of instruction primarily feature in-class face-to-face learning. Grading for this course is Pass/Fail. To pass, students must meet minimum performance requirements and submit all assignments by the due date.




Admission to the MAC program.