2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Course Challenge

Degree or certificate earning students may attempt a course challenge in lieu of taking a course if the student believes that prior learning or experience has provided sufficient background in the course subject matter to anticipate a successful challenge. An appropriate challenge activity will be prepared to test for knowledge or skills equivalent to the end-of-term requirements expected of those who have completed the course.

Students wanting to challenge a course should (1) contact their student advisor, who will (2) submit a petition for a challenge examination to the Registrar. The petition will then be sent (3) to the program director for approval, construction and administration of the challenge. Upon successful completion of the challenge examination, the program director will notify the Registrar to post the grade and file the documentation. A fee will be assessed based on the annual schedule of tuition and fees. If the challenge is not passed, and the course is required for the student’s program, the student must enroll in the course and pay all regular course fees. Repetition of a failed course challenge is not permitted.

Course challenges are graded on a Pass/No Pass basis. If the challenge receives a passing grade, equivalent to a 2.0 or above (undergraduate) or a 3.0 or above (graduate/doctoral), the course is recorded on the transcript as CityU transfer credit (i.e., it provides credit but does not affect the GPA).

Course challenges may not be taken to substitute for courses previously attempted at City University of Seattle or previously accepted as transferred from other institutions.

  • Students may attempt a maximum of 25% of the total credits required to graduate from their program of study. 

Note: Challenge exams may not be used in lieu of capstone, comprehensive exams, residencies, student teaching, internships or dissertation/thesis classes.

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the dean.

(Policy #3500.11)