2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Course Withdrawing or Adding

Students are held accountable for the completion of all courses in which they register. A student enrolled in a course may withdraw for any reason without academic penalty, provided written notice is received by the student’s advisor (and a financial aid counselor, if applicable) no later than the 80% completion point of the course. Please note, the 80% completion point is calculated from the first day of the course, not from the first date of the term or the session. Course withdrawal requests received after the 80% completion point may result in academic penalty. Once a grade has been posted to a student’s academic record, the student may not withdraw from the course.

The process of withdrawing from one course and adding another course at the same time (drop/add) is governed by the following rules.

  • Changes in registration, when there is no academic or financial penalty, are expected to take place prior to the start of a term and/or session.
  • Tuition refunds for changes in registration that take place after the start of the term and/or session are governed by the Tuition Refund Schedule located in the Financial Policies and Financial Assistance section of this University catalog. Full tuition will be charged for the added course.

Exceptions to the above policy will be considered only in cases of extraordinary extenuating circumstances or technical complications and will be made by the University Withdrawal Committee.

(Policy #2200.03)

Course Withdrawing: Military Deployment

If a Canadian or U.S. active duty or reserve military student is called to active duty during coursework, s/he may be entitled to a full refund of tuition costs or academic credit.

Official withdrawals or requests for academic credit must be in writing, signed by the student, and accompanied by a copy of the student military orders. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the University of the change in military status, and to provide documentation before deployment. Retroactive requests will not be considered.

A student who withdraws may receive a full tuition refund if the coursework has not gone beyond the 69% mark of the course. Students who have finished some coursework may resubmit the original coursework once re-enrollment at a later date occurs and if the assignments are still applicable.

A student who is deployed at the 70% mark and beyond of a course will have all assignments graded and a final grade will be assigned. Remaining work, that is not due at the time of deployment, will be excluded from the grading as to not unduly penalize the student.

For deployed military students serving countries other than the U.S. or Canada each instance will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Students who attend City University of Seattle through a partnership agreement are subject to all terms contained with the partner contract.

The Provost has the authority to make exceptions to this policy.

(Policy #2200.17)