2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Enrollment Credit Load Definition

City University of Seattle recognizes the following quarter credits and enrollment levels per term.


 Enrollment Undergraduate   Graduate  Doctoral
 Full-time  10 - 15*  6 - 12*  6 - 9*
 3/4 time  8 - 9  5  5
 1/2 time  5 - 7  3 - 4  3 - 4
 Less than 1/2 time  1 - 4  1 - 2  1 - 2

*See the overload policy regarding credit maximums per term

Credit Load for Students Receiving U.S. Veterans Benefits

Undergraduate students with U.S. Veteran's benefits have the following credit load requirements:

Enrollment Quarter Credit / Terms
 Full-time  12
 3/4 time   9 - 11
 1/2 time  6 - 8
 Less than 1/2 time  4 - 5
 1/4 time 1 - 3

Graduate students with U.S. military educational benefits are reported according to the regular institutional definition.

Credit Load for Students Receiving Institutional Scholarships and/or State Aid

Both undergraduate and graduate students receiving institutional scholarships or state financial aid may have differing enrollment requirements.  Consult the Financial Aid Office to determine whether they are subject to different definitions of full-time enrollment and different limitation on maximum credit enrollment.

Credit Load for International Students

International students attending on a student visa are required to attend on a full-time basis as defined by U.S. immigration regulations.

Undergraduate students must enroll in fifteen (15) quarter credits per term to be considered full-time.  Graduate and Doctoral Students must enroll in six (6) quarter credits per term to be considered full-time.

International student must attend three of the four academic terms on a full-time basis in order to maintain “active” status with immigration authorities.  All other credit-load policies remain the same for international students.


Credit Load for Students in Graduate Language Assisted Programs

During the first term (quarter) of study, students enrolled in graduate language-assisted programs are limited to no more than two (2) academic degree classes concurrently per session.

(Policy #2200.04)