2021-2022 Catalog Updates

General Studies, Bachelor of Science

General Studies students earn degrees by studying a broad, interdisciplinary series of courses rather than a defined departmental curriculum. The design of the general studies degree programs allows students to assemble their own interdisciplinary academic program, which may be narrowly focused or contain a wide spectrum of curricular elements. The curriculum is designed to provide maximum flexibility and meet the particular educational objectives of each student. These degrees give a unique opportunity to develop a multi-disciplinary and carefully focused course of study, which fulfills traditional university requirements while meeting each student’s specific goals for a college degree.

The Bachelor of Science in General Studies provides students with the opportunity to organize an individualized program that meets their needs for degree completion or professional preparation. Students should work closely with an advisor to construct an appropriate choice and sequence of courses. Students enrolled in the B.S. in General Studies may transfer a maximum of 135 approved credits from other recognized institutions. Of these credits, 90 may be lower-division and 45 must be approved upper-division credits. The upper-division credits do not have to be direct equivalents of City University of Seattle courses.

Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Science in General Studies will prepare students to:

Evaluate resources and evidence to develop, organize, and communicate concise, logical, and consistent messages.

Apply principles of critical thinking to identify, categorize, and analyze issues to develop sound and logical conclusions.

Identify and integrate ethical issues, based on individual and organizational values, and apply principles in decision-making.

Synthesize diverse perspectives within a global context to develop an appreciation for and explain differences in behaviors and practices of individuals, organizations, and communities.

Connect academic learning with professional experience to expand professional identity and broaden perspectives of various disciplines.

Admission Requirements

City University of Seattle's undergraduate admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, apply to this program. 

Total Required Credits (180 Credits)

Lower – Division Requirements (90 Credits)

Students must meet General Education requirements.  This is typically completed within the 90 required lower division credits. See the General Education Requirements section of this catalog for more detailed information.

For this program, Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning is met through the course MATH 107 Mathematical Reasoning and its Applications or higher.

General Education Requirements

Total Credits

College Composition II (CCII)

5 Credits

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning (CM/QSR)

5 Credits

Humanities (HU)

15 Credits

Social Sciences (SS)

15 Credits

Natural Sciences (NS)

15 Credits

General Studies Core (25 Credits)

BC 301Critical Thinking (HU)


BC 306Ethics and Leadership (SS)


COM 419Intercultural Communication (HU or SS)


GS 300Introduction to Data Interpretation


GS 495General Studies Degree Capstone *


Upper-Division Requirements (65 Credits)

As part of the upper division requirements, students must complete a minimum of two (2) different 20-credit upper division concentration areas. The remainder of the coursework may be completed as upper division electives.