2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Management, Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Management (B.A.M.) degree program is specifically designed for anyone seeking a broad management background focusing on the organizational and human dimensions of the field. In this program you will learn the fundamentals of management—the basic knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a manager in your field. You will learn the basics of teaming, both as a leader and member. You will also improve your oral and written communication skills as well as learn important techniques required in project management and develop research skills that will provide a pathway to lifelong learning. Courses are offered online and in-class.

Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Arts in Management will prepare students to:

Demonstrate the ability to develop and express ideas, while applying a variety of delivery models, genres, and style.

Demonstrate the ability to explore/analyze issues, ideas, artifacts, and events to inform well-developed opinions and conclusions.

Demonstrate the ability to reason in an ethical manner and to reflect core beliefs and core competencies in authentic contexts.

Apply leadership theories to the work environment to discover the systemic nature of an issue and to propose a solution.

Apply core principles of management, including marketing, human resources, finance, and project management, in the business context.

Demonstrate the ability to reason and solve problems and inform decisions through the analysis and use of data.

Successfully develop and manage a diverse team.

Admission Requirements

City University of Seattle's undergraduate admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, apply to this program. 

Total Required Credits (180 Credits)

Lower – Division Requirements (90 Credits)

Students must meet General Education requirements.  This is typically completed within the 90 required lower division credits. See the General Education Requirements section of this catalog for more detailed information.

For this program, Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning is met through the course MATH 107 Mathematical Reasoning and its Applications or higher.

General Education Requirements

Total Credits

College Composition II (CCII)

5 Credits

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning (CM/QSR)

5 Credits

Humanities (HU)

15 Credits

Social Sciences (SS)

15 Credits

Natural Sciences (NS)

15 Credits

Upper Division Requirements (90 Credits)

Management Core (50 Credits)

BC 301Critical Thinking (HU)


BC 306Ethics and Leadership (SS)


BSC 407The Effective Organization


BSM 304Organizational Communications (HU)


BSM 414International Management


HR 405Strategic Management of Human Resources


MG 495Management Strategy *


MK 300Principles of Marketing


PM 401Introduction to Project Management


MG 360Financial Fundamentals for Managers


Upper-Division Electives (40 Credits)

Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level elective coursework from other fields or disciplines including business, psychology, communications, information systems, and general education. Contact an admissions advisor for the current list of available courses.


Specialized Study Courses (40 Credits)

Choose 40 credits of upper-division undergraduate level specialized study coursework. These courses must be approved by The Program Director.