2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Data Mining and Analytics, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Data Mining and Analytics (DataMA) provides marketable data mining and analytics skills grounded in the technology and computing principles and constructs a solid foundation for further education. DataMA is a pathway to the Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) and Doctor of Information Technology (DIT).


Program Outcomes

Apply foundational knowledge of all areas of advanced data science (General Computing Knowledge).

Integrate fundamental principles and practices of advanced data science (Data Science Principles and Practices)

Apply critical and ethical thinking to solve problems in advanced data science (Critical and Ethical Thinking).

Evaluate data to inform decisions and solve problems in advanced data science (Quantitative Literacy).

Create the ability to develop and express ideas while applying a variety of delivery models, genres, and styles (Communication).

Collaborate effectively on diverse teams to accomplish a common goal (Collaboration).

Admission Requirements

City University of Seattle's graduate admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, apply to this program. 

Total Required Credits (12-32 Credits)

Preparatory Courses (20 Credits)

CS 132Computer Science I


CS 330Network Communications


IS 340Operating Systems


IS 360Database Technologies


Data Mining and Analytics (12 Credits)

DS 515Data Science Overview


DS 520Data Mining


DS 522Data Acquisition and Analytics


DS 524Data Management and Governance