2021-2022 Catalog Updates

EDU 310 Child and Adolescent Development *

This course addresses major theories of human growth and development and application of the theories to the classroom. Topics include cognitive development, moral development, emotional development, and physical development of early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. Candidates apply the knowledge of the developmental stages of human growth and development to their instructional decisions.  




Admission to BA in Education Program or Director Approval.


  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Write student-friendly, measurable learning targets that are aligned with standards.
  3. Explain the backwards design process.
  4. Select or create a variety of assessments that align with learning targets.
  5. Plan for an intentional sequence of learning activities and strategies to promote student engagement, motivation, and learning.
  6. Analyze the rationale for various teaching strategies.
  7. Anticipate student misconceptions, alternative conceptions, and developmental errors.
  8. Differentiate for different student learning needs.
  9. Apply culturally-responsive teaching strategies to build community and student engagement.