2021-2022 Catalog Updates

EDU 352 Internship II *

In this second developmental field experience, candidates complete the required number of days of internship in a school classroom with guidance of a cooperating teacher and a field supervisor. Topics include classroom duties; establishing a learning environment; working with individual students, small groups, and the whole-class; collaborative planning, instruction, and assessment; evidence of student learning; and developing collaboration and problem-solving skills.  To build capacity regarding residency endorsement competencies, candidates plan and teach lessons or activities, journal reflectively about teaching and learning, pursue a professional development goal based in field performance, and reflect on practice. 




Admission to B.A. Ed. Program


  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Candidates complete activities including the Internship Schedule, Targeted Experiences, Context for Learning, Daily Journal Entries, Classroom Management Interview, Professional Development Goals and Reflection on the Internship.
  3. Establish professional habits and dispositions expected of a professional teacher.
  4. Develop instructional skills to make a positive impact on student learning.
  5. Plan learning for positive inclusion of all students and families.
  6. Self assess and plan for professional growth.
  7. Refine practice through description, analysis, and reflection.
  8. Apply education theories to the needs of students in the classroom context.