2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Degree and Certificate Completion Requirements

Students are eligible to receive academic degrees and certificates from CityU if they have satisfactorily met the following general requirements:

  • Fulfilled all admissions requirements.
  • Fulfilled all degree and/or certificate requirements.
  • Achieved the minimum cumulative GPA for all CityU coursework of 2.0 for undergraduate programs, 3.0 for masters and doctoral programs.
  • Fulfilled all financial obligations to CityU.
  • Submitted a degree or certificate audit application and paid the fee, if applying for a degree.
  • For Master of Counselling (Canada), Master of Arts Counseling, and Doctoral degree programs students must graduate within 7 years from their first quarter of enrollment.
  • For the Master in Teaching and Bachelor of Arts in Education programs students must graduate within 5 years from their first quarter of enrollment. 

Degree and certificate program offerings, courses, course sequences, curricula and the terms and conditions of enrollment may change. The University makes every effort to keep students informed of any changes. As a general rule, students who remain continuously enrolled follow the requirements in effect at the time they first enrolled as a degree or certificate candidate.

The Office of the Registrar provides each student with a program plan, and updates or revises the program plan as needed. However, the responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of a degree or certificate program rests ultimately with the student.

Note: Undergraduate certificates containing less than 25 credits and graduate certificates containing less than 15 credits are not eligible for federal funding.

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Provost.

(Policy #3500.14)