2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Business Administration, Doctor

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at City University of Seattle offers students with business experience the opportunity to develop advanced skills in business management, strategic thinking, critical analysis, change management, and organizational development, preparing students to become globally-aware business leaders. This program will provide unique opportunities for tomorrow’s business leaders to gain the requisite skills and experience to guide organizations and their people through the many challenges they may face as they expand the productivity and profitability of their companies.

Consistent with the mission and values of City University of Seattle, the Doctor of Business Administration program offers high quality and relevant learning experiences through a flexible format. The goal of the program is to develop business leaders who are able to implement data-driven solutions to today’s corporate challenges. Program graduates will have consultative and educational skills that can be applied to business situations as they assist current and future business leaders in their efforts to grow their companies.

The program offers a comprehensive set of core courses in doctoral-level business administration and research skills. The program allows students to complete an emphasis of their own design coupled with an action-oriented, organizational development intervention to provide them an opportunity to gain real-world expertise. The program culminates in a significant, unique, and problem-focused dissertation intended to advance the field of business administration.


Program Outcomes

The Doctor in Business Administration will prepare students to:

Integrate leadership theories, business models, and ethical principles for improved operational performance.

Formulate business strategies that guide organizations to change and adapt to emerging global challenges.

Improve cultural competency, equity, diversity, and inclusion through leadership, governance, and policy.

Establish technology-oriented, project-based initiatives that transform organizations.

Demonstrate thought leadership, founded in research, that contributes to organizational and societal solutions.

Develop ethical leaders who incorporate social, economic, and environmental values into responsible business strategies.

Admission Requirements

In addition to City University of Seattle's doctoral admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, applicants to this program must complete and submit the following:

  • Official transcript verifying completion of a master's degree from an accredited or otherwise recognized institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. A business degree is preferred but exceptions are considered.
  • A C.V./resume that demonstrates five or more years of business experience.
  • A goal statement (200-400 words) related to business experience and how the DBA supports your professional development goals.
  • At least three references. One professional, one academic, and the remaining may be associates or colleagues. Include name, title, email, and phone information from those who can attest to your ability to be successful in the program.
  • Complete an interview with a member of the program faculty. Note: Students will be contacted to schedule an interview once all application materials have been submitted.

Specialized Study Emphasis

The Specialized Study concentration consists of four graduate courses (or 12 credits) taken in a specific content area. Coursework may be completed through independent study, current course offerings, transferred in from another accredited institution, or developed for a specific industry or organizational setting. The Specialized Study concentration is proposed by the student and approved by the Program Director prior to taking the Organizational Development Capstone.

Pre-Entry Requirement 1 Credit

DBA 600Introduction to Doctoral Program


Total Required Credits (91 Credits)

Business Administration Core (42 Credits)

DBA 605Organizational Development Theories and Trends


DBA 610Financial Decision Making


DBA 615Organizational Identity and Culture


DBA 620Technology Implementation and Change Management


DBA 625Industry Analysis and Market Innovation


DBA 630Business Process Analysis and Strategic Management


DBA 670Organizational Development Capstone *


Research Core (15 Credits)

RESR 617Research Fundamentals


RESR 619Quantitative Research Methods *


RESR 621Qualitative Research Methods *


RESR 623Research Design *


RESR 625Advanced Research Topics *


Specialized Study Concentration (12 Credits)

Completion of four CityU approved graduate or doctoral courses or transfer of approved graduate or doctoral courses from another institution.

*Must be approved by Program Director

Dissertation (18 Credits)

RESR 694ADissertation 1 *


RESR 694BDissertation 2 *


RESR 694CDissertation 3 *


RESR 694DDissertation 4 *


RESR 694EDissertation 5 *


RESR 694FDissertation 6 *


RESR 99Continuing Dissertation Services


RESR 099: Continuing Dissertation Services - Optional course used for continuing enrollment and services as needed beyond provided Dissertation courses.

Residencies (3 Credits)

RESR 601Residency 1


RESR 602Residency 2


RESR 603Residency 3