2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Degree/Certificate Posting Fees

Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Degrees: Application for Diploma

Students who have completed the requirements for an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree are required to submit a “Final Degree Audit Form” and pay a fee for the audit and posting process. Degrees will not be posted to a student’s transcript if this step is omitted. If a student applies for a diploma in a second degree or second major, the audit/posting fee is assessed again. Each time a student applies for a new degree or major, the audit/posting fee will be assessed. In cases where application is made concurrently for two or more degrees or majors which are to be posted with the same conferral date, only one fee will be assessed for all.

Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate: Application for Certificate

Students who have earned undergraduate or graduate certificates are required to request initiation of the audit and posting process by submitting the “Final Certificate Audit Form.” Certificates will not be posted to students’ transcripts if this step is omitted. There is no charge for the processing of certificates.

Criteria Applicable to Both Degree and Certificate Candidates

For degree/certificate candidates who have completed their academic requirements and have submitted their final degree/certificate audit forms, and fees if applicable, the degrees/certificates will be posted to their transcripts. If, however, students have outstanding financial obligations to City University of Seattle, their diplomas/certificates and transcripts will not be released until their financial account is cleared. Degree candidates may, however, participate in Commencement. Certificate candidates do not participate in Commencement.

For more information on audit/posting fees, please visit Tuition, Fees and Charges.

(Policy #2400.08)