2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Healthcare Administration, Master of Science

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MHA) program at City University of Seattle offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to develop advanced skills in healthcare administration and management, strategic planning, operations, and change management. This program will prepare students to become leaders in the healthcare administration field. Consistent with the mission and values of City University of Seattle, the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program will offer high quality and relevant learning experiences through a flexible format. The goal of the program is to develop leaders who are able to implement data-driven solutions to today’s healthcare administration challenges. Program graduates will be trained to develop business skills that can be applied to administrative and clinical situations as they assist healthcare organizations in their efforts to grow their organizations.


Program Outcomes

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration will prepare students to:

Design and conduct significant and unique projects that contribute to the knowledge of the healthcare administration field.

Analyze healthcare-related information and assess the current state of an organization.

Evaluate a healthcare organization and its ability to appropriately serve all of its stakeholders.

Utilize a project-oriented approach to lead healthcare organizations through innovative and visionary leadership.

Develop the ethical healthcare leaders of the future who recognize the social and economic value of responsible business strategies.

Conduct data-driven business analysis and interventions, founded in accepted research methodologies, to improve operational performance.

Develop effective business strategies that guide healthcare organizations to change and adapt to future challenges.

Admission Requirements

City University of Seattle's graduate admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, apply to this program. 

Total Required Credits (45 Credits)

Healthcare Administration Core Courses (33 Credits)

HL 511Healthcare Leadership


HL 500U.S. Healthcare Delivery System


HL 546Healthcare Strategic Planning and Implementation


HL 530Foundations of Healthcare Administration


HL 550Healthcare Policy and Economics


HL 537Healthcare Financial Management


HL 543Healthcare Law and Ethics


HL 560Human Resource Management in Healthcare


HL 570Operations Analysis in Healthcare


HL 580Quality Assessment and Improvement in Healthcare


HL 514Healthcare Informatics and Technology


Elective Courses (9 Credits)

*Must be approved by the Program Director

Capstone Courses (3 Credits)

HL 660Healthcare Administration Capstone *