2021-2022 Catalog Updates

School-Specific Transfer Credit Restrictions

The schools or programs listed below have specific transfer credit restrictions in addition to the general guidelines listed above.

School of Business & Management (SBM)

Graduate and Certificate Programs

Coursework transferred into graduate and certificate programs, exclusive of credits declared elective or approved to apply to a specialized study emphasis, must be directly equivalent to the appropriate CityU course, or degree-equivalent as determined by the Program Director.  

Doctoral Certificates

Students seeking doctoral certificates of less than 36 quarter credits may not utilize transfer credits.

School of Education & Leadership (SEL)

Teacher Certification Programs (Bachelor of Education, Masters in Teaching)

For the Bachelor of Arts Education programs all courses must meet the 2.0 or "C" or higher grade requirement  and for the Master in Teaching program admission requirements, a 2.0 or "C" or higher grade is required to meet State Certification requirements.

Master of Education Programs

Credits transferred into the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program, must be:

  • Earned at a regionally accredited institution or a school recognized by the Ministry of Education, if foreign;
  • Earned within the past six years unless approved by the dean;
  • Earned at the 500-level or equivalent, as noted on the external transcript or as stated in the outside institution’s catalog;
  • Completed with a grade of 3.0 (B) or higher;
  • Satisfy the requirements of the specific program.

If the program has an elective requirement, credits transferred to meet electives are not required to be directly equivalent to a CityU course.

Doctor of Education, Leadership & Educational  Specialist Programs

Students who have completed graduate-level course work at other recognized institutions may transfer a maximum of 12 quarter credits toward equivalent courses in the Concentration or Core Research courses of a doctoral degree program, subject to approval by the program director. Such transfer may be limited by residency requirements for specific programs.

School of Health and Social Sciences (SHSS)

Master of Arts in Counseling (USA) & Master of Counselling (Canada)

Coursework transferred into the Master of Arts in Counseling (US), and the Master of Counselling program (Canada) must be directly equivalent to the appropriate CityU course, or degree-equivalent as determined by the program director. Credits older than six years must be approved by the dean, associate provost (Canada), or provost.

Ph.D. Counselor Education

Students seeking the Ph.D. in Counselor Education are limited to 12 quarter credits from the post-graduate or doctoral level.

School of Technology and Computing (STC)

Doctor in Information Technology

Students seeking the DIT may transfer 12 graduate/post graduate quarter credits, but the remaining 12 quarter credits are doctoral level only.

(Policy #2100.22, 1/1/2022)