2021-2022 Catalog Updates

Transfer Policies for Doctoral Degree and Certificate Programs

Students seeking a degree who have completed graduate, post-graduate or doctoral level coursework at other recognized institutions may transfer up to 12 quarter credits from the graduate level and up to 12 quarter credits from the post-graduate or doctoral level toward a doctoral degree. All transfer credits must reflect grades of 3.0 or better. 

Students seeking a certificate at the doctoral level may transfer no more than 25% of the total required credits to earn the certificate. All credits in transfer applied to a certificate must be at the doctoral level. 

Credits may be transferred via approved specialized study, course waiver, course substitution, or direct equivalency (or any combination of these). Courses taken in direct transfer for a degree requirement must be equivalent to required CityU course/s as determined by similar course numbers, titles, or content.

Transfer credits may not apply toward comprehensive examination or dissertation requirements.

All transfer credits must be approved by the program director. 

To earn a doctoral degree, a student must earn all required credits in residency (i.e., via CityU courses taken in any delivery format) except for the transfer quarter credits as limited by policy.

Exceptions for Dual Delivery, Bilateral, Joint-Delivered, Partnered and Teachout Agreements with Articulation

Within a dual delivery, bilateral, joint-delivered, or partnered articulation agreement with another institution, the provost may approve additional transfer at the doctoral level.

(Policy #2100.22, 1/1/2022)