2021-2022 Catalog

Applied Computing, Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing (BSAPC) program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and competency to successfully participate in the analysis, design, integration, deployment, and management of information technology and computing.  Students will have the option to pursue a specialized study. 



Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing will prepare students to:

Integrate a foundational knowledge of all areas of applied computing (General Computing Knowledge).

Apply the fundamental principles and practices of applied computing (Applied Computing Principles and Practices).

Apply critical and ethical thinking to solve problems in applied computing (Critical and Ethical Thinking).

Evaluate data to inform decisions and solve problems in applied computing (Quantitative Literacy).

Create the ability to develop and express ideas while applying a variety of delivery models, genres, and styles (Communication).

Collaborate effectively on diverse teams to accomplish a common goal (Collaboration).

Admission Requirements

City University of Seattle's undergraduate admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, apply to this program. 

Total Required Credits (180 Credits)

Lower – Division Requirements (90 Credits)

Students must meet General Education requirements listed below.  This is typically completed within the 90 required lower division credits. See the General Education Requirements section of this catalog for more detailed information. 

For this program, Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning is met through  the course CS 251 Statistical Computing or an equivalent course. 

General Education Requirements

Total Credits

College Composition II (CCII)

5 Credits

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning (CM/QSR)

5 Credits

Humanities (HU)

15 Credits

Social Sciences (SS)

15 Credits

Natural Sciences (NS)

15 Credits

Pre-Entry Requirement (0 Credit)

Students must take this course in the first quarter of enrollment. Students may take another program requirement concurrently.

CS 100STC BS Orientation to Bachelor's Programs


Preparatory Courses (15 Credits)

These preparatory courses may be applied towards CityU's General Education and Lower Division credit requirements.
CS 132Computer Science I


CS 251Statistical Computing (QSR for select programs OR NS)


IS 201Fundamentals of Computing


Core Requirements (45 Credits)

CS 302Human Computer Interaction


CS 330Network Communications


CS 351Discrete Mathematics in Computing (NS)


IS 312Web Design


IS 340Operating Systems


IS 345Cybersecurity


IS 350Systems Analysis and Design


IS 360Database Technologies


IS 471Cyber Ethics (SS)


Specialized Study (30 Credits)

Specialized Studies must be approved by the Program Manager. 

Choice (10 Credits)

Students may select electives from any majors or complete the internship. The internship course is repeatable.

CS 493Technology and Computing Internship


Capstone (5 Credits)

CS 497Technology and Computing Capstone