2021-2022 Catalog

CPC 654 Practicum I: Case Conceptualization & Counselling Psychology Treatment

Practicum courses provide clinical experience and professional supervision beyond the classroom setting within two contexts: an Internship in which students receive professional supervision for direct client contact; and an on-campus Practicum course in which students participate in group supervision and discuss internship issues.




Students entering this course are expected to have qualified for specialization course work in Counselling Psychology. Students will also have successfully completed the Counselling Psychology core courses (CPC 501, CPC 502, CPC 510, CPC 511, CPC 512, CPC 513, CPC 520, CPC 514, CPC 522, CPC 523, CPC 524, CPC 556, CPC 526, CPC 527, and CPC 529), passed the Comprehensive Examination (CPC 551), and achieved Master’s Candidacy.