2021-2022 Catalog

EDE 307 Special Education and Special Programs

This course addresses the major categorical programs (special education, Title I, LAP, bilingual, migrant, 504, ELL, homeless) in public education. Emphasis is placed on special education. Candidates explore the qualification requirements for districts and students, legal issues, required documentation and inclusion strategies. Candidates develop an appropriate educational program plan for students identified as qualifying for categorical programs upon completion of this course.  




Admission to BA in Education Program or Director Approval


  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Articulate the rights and responsibilities of family, community, and educational staff in categorical programs.
  3. Describe and analyze individualized education plans and 504 plans.
  4. Describe, analyze and reflect on categorical programs and their relationship and intersection with general education.
  5. Incorporate appropriate learning strategies involving categorical programs.