2021-2022 Catalog

EDU 484 Content: Student Teaching

In Student Teaching, candidates seeking a second endorsement co-teach with a cooperating teacher in a K-8 school placement for the required number of days to develop and demonstrate capacities to perform the full-time responsibilities of a teacher and to make a positive impact on student learning. During student teaching, candidates exhibit essential dispositions; demonstrate skill in planning, engagement, assessment, and reflection upon student learning; and collect evidence of performance that connects with standards and criteria for pre-service teachers. Through successful completion of student teaching, candidates demonstrate endorsement competencies required for residency teacher certification.  




Admission to BA in Education Program


  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Develop professional habits and dispositions expected of a professional teacher.
  3. Develop instructional skills to make a positive impact on student learning.
  4. Plan learning for positive inclusion of all students and families.
  5. Assimilate feedback from mentors and field supervisors in order to refine practice.
  6. Reflect on strengths and growth areas, and plan for professional growth.
  7. Refine practice through description, analysis, and reflection.
  8. Apply education theories to the needs of students in the classroom context.
  9. Collaborate with program peers in a professional learning community.