2021-2022 Catalog

MBA 535 Managerial Accounting

In this course, students learn to analyze internal management information to make decisions about pricing, inventory procurement, make or buy alternatives, and production volume. They will also learn to develop budgets and analyze performance against their projections. Students' knowledge is applied to create financial statements and forecasts related to their business proposal. Presentation of findings is emphasized.




MBA 500, MBA 501


  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Develop written communication skills to enable effective delivery of accounting information and financial statement analysis to non-accounting personnel.
  3. Formulate cost control, pricing, production and costing strategies based on appropriate management analysis techniques (e.g., incremental analysis, break-even analysis).
  4. Forecast, prepare, and evaluate a complete set of budgets for a company employing time value of money concepts. Evaluation will include effective measurements of operations performance including Economic Value Added (EVA).
  5. Research current trends and issues related to managerial accounting with particular emphasis on ethics.
  6. Apply different types of costs, including variable, fixed, semi-variable and step-function, in business decision making process.