2021-2022 Catalog

NAS 332 Sustainable Resource Use (NS)

Sustainable Resource Use provides students with an understanding of the principles of sustainable development, with a focus on the environmental impact of current land and resource uses. Human impacts and land use over the past 200 years are examined, along with the limitation of current environmental policies and legislation. Forestry, fisheries, mining, energy, agriculture, and urban development, and the impact of each of these on the environment, are reviewed, both locally and on a global scale. Economic growth and traditional management practices are analyzed. Current approaches to land and resource use and planning, including world-wide environmental policies and legislation, are evaluated in terms of their contributions to global sustainability and options for the future are reviewed. Students leave the course with an appreciation of the challenges of sustainable resource use.




  1. This course will prepare students to:
  2. Apply various aspects of sustainability to business decisions affecting the environment.
  3. Evaluate current and potential conservation problems.
  4. Discuss production, distribution, and consumption as principal determinants of sustainability.
  5. Assess the limitations of environmental policy and legislation.
  6. Examine the impact of human development and human expansion on the earth's environment over the last 10,000 years.
  7. Provide social equity and sustainable practices to benefit the well-being of the environment and businesses.