2021-2022 Catalog

Leadership, Educational Specialist

The Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) in Leadership program at City University of Seattle offers working professionals the opportunity to develop advanced skills in strategic thinking, critical analysis, change management, adult learning, international education, and organizational development, preparing students to become global leaders. This program will provide unique opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders to gain global and diverse perspectives on leadership as it is practiced in different settings. The goal of the program is to develop leaders who are able to implement data-driven solutions to today’s leadership challenges.  Program graduates will be trained to develop others who can identify, coach, and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Program Outcomes

The Educational Specialist in Leadership program will prepare students to:

Critically analyze information and assess the current state of an organization.

Develop effective strategies that guide organizations to change and adapt to future challenges.

Develop the ethical leaders of the future who can incorporate social and environmental responsibility into organizational strategies.

Evaluate an organization's ability to use global and diverse perspectives to serve a variety of stakeholders.

Admission Requirements

In addition to City University of Seattle's graduate/doctoral admission requirements, found under Admissions in the catalog menu, students in this program must also meet the requirements listed below:

  • Hold a master’s degree from an accredited or otherwise recognized institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 or higher. 
  • For applicants to the Principal, Superintendent, and Program Administrator certification programs, a second reference must be an Executive/District Administrator

Total Required Credits (63)

Pre-Entry Requirement (1 credit)

LDRD 600Introduction to Doctoral Program


Leadership Core (24 Credits)

LDRD 606Leadership Theories and Analysis


LDRD 607Culturally Responsive Leadership in a Diverse Society


LDRD 609Leading Organizational Change


LDRD 613Socially and Environmentally Responsible Leadership


LDRD 630Ethical Organizational Leadership


LDRD 640Strategic Thinking


LDRD 646Developing Leaders of the Future


Research Core (9 credits)

RESR 617Research Fundamentals


RESR 619Quantitative Research Methods


RESR 621Qualitative Research Methods


Comprehensive Exams (6 Credits)

LDRD 682Comprehensive Exam


Concentration Area (24 credits)

The Specialized Study Concentration  Area allows students to frame a degree focus in a specific area consistent with their current or anticipated field of interest or specialization. Students will develop the skills they need to generate trust, empower others, and implement innovative and strategic solutions in their field of concentration, demonstrating academic rigor and scholarly research throughout their course of study. Students can build on any prior graduate focus, augmented with courses from the several doctoral concentrations and from other CityU master’s programs to best design their proposed course of study. Students work with their advisor to identify the courses required for the specialized study concentration and document the rationale for the selections; this concentration proposal is subject to approval by the director.