2023-2024 Catalog

The contents of the 2023-2024 City University of Seattle Catalog have been compiled and organized to provide enrolled and prospective students, and others, with a broad overview of the programs and policies of City University of Seattle. Enrolled students may use this catalog as a student handbook. It is as current and complete as publication deadlines permit.

Typically, within a catalog’s effective dates of use, courses and curricula can vary, tuition and fees may be increased, policies might be modified, and personnel changes will occur. Normally, the University makes announcements of this nature via the University Web Site at www.CityU.edu or Portal at my.CityU.edu. Letters dealing with specific changes in programs, policies or procedures may be emailed to students' CityU email accounts, bulletins may be posted at site offices, and/or memoranda may be read in class. Students are responsible for keeping fully informed by these means, and should consult appropriate University offices or an Advisor with questions.

The writing and editing of this catalog have been guided by an effort to attain total factual accuracy. If regulations, program requirements and services described herein conflict with current practice, the latter will prevail.

All information contained in this catalog is subject to change without prior notice by the officials of City University of Seattle.

The catalog does not constitute an agreement between the University and its students.

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